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Momcology + Cookies for Kids' Cancer #10for10for10

To play a role in this month of awareness, for the 4th year, Momcology is partnering with fellow national non-profit Cookies for Kids’ Cancer during September.

· Together we’ve raised nearly $75,000 for funding that goes straight to the Children’s Oncology Group’s Phase 1 consortium.

· Over the past 3 years, your efforts have directly supported the costs of enrolling children in 19 of the most promising phase 1 clinical trials available today.

This year, for our 4th annual co-branded campaign, Momcology & Cookies for Kids’ Cancer are taking a new approach that has the power of MOMS written all over it.

1.This September, every member of Momcology is encouraged to join the Momcology #10for10for10 campaign in support of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

The goal: for every single Momcology member to inspire 10 people to each give at least $10 to your Momcology/Cookies for Kids’ Cancer fundraising page in honor of the organization’s 10th anniversary.

2. How does it work? First, click on the orange JOIN button on the left to start your own fundraising page and join the campaign.

3. Once you have created your own page, you can customize it with information about your child and their story. Include a picture and tell why you want to support childhood cancer research. Then set the goal. . .it’s simply $100.

4. After your page is set up, get ready to start posting on September 1st. It is so simple: you are looking for 10 people who will each give $10 to the page.

5. The BIG goal: to raise $250,000 which is enough to match, dollar for dollar, what the Federal Government allocates for children enrolled in the COG Phase 1 Clinital Trial Consortium.

Every dollar raised will go directly to the COG Phase 1 Consortium.

Please join us this September in this campaign for funding new, less toxic therapies for childhood cancer!


Cookies for Kids' Cancer & Momcology