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Run for Cookies

Every September, during Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, Cookies for Kids' Cancer (CFKC) has a goal of hosting at least one fundraiser in every state. "Run for Cookies" was created to represent the great, green, active state of Oregon.

Why donate to Cookies for Kids' Cancer (and through this fundraiser, in particular)? My friend Gretchen started this nonprofit about 10 years ago in an effort to raise much-needed funds for pediatric cancer research. In 2007, her beautiful 2-year-old son, Liam, was diagnosed with stage IV cancer, and she was shocked to learn of the lack of safe, effective treatments for pediatric cancers due to lack of funding. That year, Eddy and I joined Gretchen and a group of about 250 others in a small kitchen in Brooklyn, on a mission to bake 96,000 cookies and donate all of the proceeds from the sales to pediatric cancer research. It was an overwhelming success (they raised more than $400,000!), and as a result, Cookies for Kids' Cancer (CFKC) was born. Very sadly, Liam lost his battle in 2011, but his amazing spirit—and Gretchen's determination to fight this terrible disease (plus help countless other kids and families in the process)—has carried on. Since 2008, CFKC has funded 100 childhood cancer research grants, resulting in 37 new treatments now in clinical trial. I personally would like to see these numbers continue to grow until no child or parent has to deal with a life-threatening diagnosis ever again. Click through the website, and watch the video below, to learn even more about this incredible, potentially lifesaving organization and why you should support it, too.

How can you help? There are a few different ways to support my "Run for Cookies":

  1. Run! I've personally decided to donate $1 to CFKC for every mile I run during the month of September. You could do the same—or something similar—and donate your mileage here (just click the button on your left). Don't be afraid to fuel some of those miles with cookies either...
  2. Attend my bake sale in PDX on Sunday, 9/23, from 9am until 12pm (7025 SE Yamhill Street). Better yet, run/hike/bike a few miles in Mt. Tabor Park, and then swing by—you definitely deserve a cookie!
  3. Simply be a good cookie and donate to Cookies for Kids' Cancer here (just click the button on your left).
Thank you so much for your support!