Environment: PROD

Fraya Berg

Culinary Liason

In this picture, my son and I are celebrating being together at the 2016 Chefs for Kids' Cancer NYC Gala.

Favorite cookie flavor: Poppy Seed – an old family recipe, beloved by friends and family alike. You can try it yourself: it’s on page 168 of the Cookies for Kids' Cancer™ Cookbook All the Good Cookies.

Favorite thing to bake: Fraya's Famous Biscotti. I have made tens of thousands of these cookies over the years, each one giving back to childhood cancer research. You can find the recipe on page 11 in the Cookies for Kids' Cancer's Best Bake Sale Cookbook.

On a Friday night Fraya is: Either at home relaxing, or at the NYC BSA Troop 150 meeting, as a volunteer for the Boy Scouts.

Who inspires Fraya to #BeAGoodCookie: Every parent who has a child battling cancer. I've seen it first-hand, and I cannot imagine the pain, helplessness and frustration felt: I want to do everything I can to bring treatments to children.

Contact: fraya@beagoodcookie.org