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Karen Carter

VP of Cookie Sales

This picture is of my girls Lyndsey and Carley and I on Christmas Eve. We love celebrating family traditions each year and taking our favorite "girlcations" to the beach and other fun destinations. They are growing so fast and each moment together is precious and so we try to make the most of them.

Favorite cookie flavor: White chocolate macadamia nut

Favorite thing to bake: Cookies of all kinds!! We love to do baking challenges and try fun, creative new recipes.

On a Friday night Karen is: Enjoying time with family and friends. During the cold months that includes movie or game night and during the summers we're out and about seeking new adventures. There's usually some long dog walks included with our pups: Ryan, our Westie and Kramer our lab mix.

Who inspires Karen to #BeAGoodCookie: My daughter Caroline is what lead me to Cookies for Kids Cancer almost 10 years ago. She lost her battle with neuroblastoma in 2007 at just 7 years old. She asked one day why there wasn't a pill that could make the cancer go away. While that "pill" didn't come in time for Caroline, we wanted to find ways help other children and started having bake sales in her honor and to bring hope to the kids who need it most. And here I am today, honored to be working with this amazing team to help fund research so that every child fighting the cancer monster will get their cure!

Contact: karen@beagoodcookie.org