Our vision is that no family is ever told,
“We have run out of options.”

Our Impact By the Numbers

$21+ million

The amount we’ve
granted to research.


Events supporters like you created and organized around the world.


Number of research grants we’ve funded.


The number of treatments we have helped to make available.


From coast to coast, our supporters come from all 50 states.


Number of countries with supporters holding events.

Our Annual Report Is About YOU! In the context of Covid, it was a year of continuing to regroup and recommit. And wow, did you come through! In 2021, because of you, we saw grassroots events in all 50 states and 6 new countries. Because of you, fundraising returned to pre-pandemic levels. And as a result, because of you, we awarded just shy of $1 million for research to cutting-edge pediatric cancer docs. That’s $150k more than last year! We couldn’t do it without you.

Our Impact in Action

We fund the best, most promising research so that kids like Aidan can get the lifesaving treatments they need when they need it.

Meet Aidan. Just days before he turned five, Aidan was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma. He survived only to relapse at nine-years-old when he was told he had run out of treatment options. It was then that a new cancer vaccine (funded by us) gave him a second shot at life.

Driven By Science

Our all-star medical advisory board meets to review and evaluate each grant request using the same stringent criteria as the National Cancer Institute. In addition, all members must recuse themselves when their institution is being considered in order to ensure objectivity. Finally, no Cookies for Kids’ Cancer employee or board member is present during these reviews. We truly want to fund the best and most promising research that will help children as soon as possible.

$100 will fund the next hour of breakthrough research.
And every dollar and hour counts.