The Viewing Room

Since 2014, we have partnered with Left Right TV to produce an annual video that shares a story about the work we do. Usually Left Right is working on award-winning TV shows and documentaries, but they do our video as a special passion project calling it the most important work they do every year. We are so fortunate they share their talent with us to help raise awareness of the needs surrounding pediatric cancer.


The Gift of Time

Meet Aidan. Just days before he turned five, Aidan was diagnosed with Stage-4 neuroblastoma. He survived only to relapse at nine-years-old when he was told he had run out of treatment options. It was then that a new cancer vaccine — funded by Cookies for Kids’ Cancer — gave him a second shot at life.


The Journey of a Dollar

Learn about the journey of every single dollar raised by Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. From the hands of a donor to the researchers in the lab - see how every dollar counts toward funding pediatric cancer research grants, which give hope to children like Adam battling pediatric cancer.


Opening Doors

Opening Doors describes the unique funding process Cookies for Kids’ Cancer goes through to provide funds for new and less toxic treatments, under the advisement of our Medical Advisory Board made up of the leading pediatric researchers in the country. See how new therapies funded by Good Cookies are opening doors for children battling cancer today.


Windows & Bridges

For every $1 spent on cancer research by the US government, only 3 pennies are dedicated to childhood cancer, the #1 disease killer of kids in the nation. Without adequate funding, research into new, improved, and less toxic therapies for childhood cancer cannot move forward. Enter Cookies for Kids’ Cancer - inspiring individuals, businesses, and groups to “Be a Good Cookie” and raise funds for research. Watch to learn how Cookies for Kids’ Cancer is making a difference.