Good Cookies All Around Us

Our Good Cookies can be anyone who is passionate about making a difference in the lives of children with cancer. Good Cookies can pick their own level of involvement ranging from attending or speaking at events, visiting local schools, or hosting their own events. Every Good Cookie adds their own voice to help raise awareness of childhood cancer.

Meet our Good Cookie
Ambassadors of the Month…

Brandon & Sebastian

We’ve teamed up with Are You Kidding Socks, a brand designed by 2 kid entrepreneur brothers (Brandon & Sebastian) who are giving back one sock at a time, to bring you these fun Cookies for Kids’ Cancer socks.
20% from every sock sold will be donated back to us to help fund pediatric cancer research.



Add Your Name to Our GCA Community

Alice Starliper
Alison Berna
Allison Schlanger
Amanda Oliver
Amber Jenkins
Amber Van der Meer
Amy Christenbury
Amy Hohenadel
Ann Dang
April Zuiderveen
Cara Pearson
Carol Winnefeld
Catherine Hogan
Charlotte Linde
Cindy Stoney
Dana Boutwell
Daniel White
Daniell Jarrell
David Smith
Debbie Polakov
Denise Mickelsen
Eileen Lowry
Elyse Dub
Emily Pierce

Erin Yagi
Fraya Berg
Gayle Kelly
Hannah Rhudy
Hillary Waldeisen
Holli Craddock
Jackie Plant
Jackie Wilkinson
Janine Rogers
Jen Baki
Jen Pounders
Jennie Ray
Jennifer Brazelton
Jennifer Fish
Jessi Brelsford
John Hagen
Jonna Gallo
Julie Christopher
Julie Sparks
Kate Meyers
Kendall Lively
Kim Gearhart
Kristin Smith
Laura McDonough
Lesa Helbein
Leslie McCraney

Lillian Lin
Linda Holbrook
Liz Stallings
Marcia Lemberg
Marilyn Atlas-Berney
Melanie Kauffman
Michela Gatto
Mickie Honeycutt
Mike Patton
Rachel Roberge
Robbi Galbraith
Sabra Beatty

Sara Hall

Sarah Lee

Shanna Battles
Sharyn Bernard Mulqueen
Stacey Tavel
Stacy Craig
Sue Ananian
Suzie Rephan
Terri Krafcik
Tina Beattie
Tracy Hornby
Trip Brown
Wendy Martin

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