Class of 2023 - Congratulations Graduates!

Class of 2023 - Congratulations Graduates!

Join us in celebrating the class of 2023! We sat down with grads from coast-to-coast, some who have been supporting us since they were in preschool. Not only are they Good Cookies, they’re Smart Cookies! But what’s even more special is that the Class of 2023 includes students who have directly benefited from treatments you have helped us to fund. Just think about that for a minute. You’ve made the difference in someone’s life just by getting involved and being a Good Cookie. Thank you and congratulations Class of 2023.

A Penny for Your Thoughts

Penny Valbuena and friends Ward Peterson, SK Williamson,Will Kennerly, Kellen Matchett, Quinn Simcox, Shepard Peterson are seniors at Myers Park High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. They started the MPHS Cookies For Kids' Cancer club in honor of their dear friend, Grier Christenbury. Grier lost his battle with pediatric cancer at age 9 in 2013. Penny says, "Our Club's goal is to raise awareness and funds for new, less toxic treatments for kids with cancer." Check them out on Instagram @cookies4kidscancer_mphs and don't forget to drop them a note of appreciation. Interested in starting a Club like this at your local high school? Email us:

Eloise at The University

Eloise Bradford will be attending Sewanee: The University of the South. Eloise holds an annual and very popular cinnamon bun bake sale where she takes pre-orders to deliver during the holidays….there’s always more demand than supply! She tells us, "I got involved with Cookies because of a family member who had pediatric cancer, and I wanted to do as much as I could to help. Supporting a cause that is bigger than myself is rewarding. I would love to continue to work with Cookies throughout my lifetime. They have done work like no other and have helped so many children and their families. I hope I can remain a piece of the life-changing work." 

Jack and Liam

Jack Jureller will be attending Northeastern. His best friend in pre-school was Liam Witt. The son of our Co-Founders, we often refer to Liam as our original Good Cookie and Jack was alongside Liam from the beginning. Liam lost his battle with Neuroblastoma at age 6 1/2 in 2011. Jack had this to share about their friendship, "Liam was my best friend. He was always very kind and social. He was also very curious. Curious to know more...more about everything and everyone around him. I know he would be solving world problems in a big way now. He made me want to be curious. I feel lucky to have known him." His favorite part about being involved is "...hearing about the children who are being helped, and who have a better chance at a normal and long life as a result of Cookies."

Twin Cities

...Those Cities being St. Louis, Ann Arbor and Boston. Congrats to Ari and Sam Schlanger AND Maddie and Sydney Berna, both sets of twins, friends since they were babies and also preschool classmates with Liam Witt. Ari will attend Washington University, Sam University of Michigan and both Maddie and Sydney will attend Boston College. This dynamic group of four have been involved, along with their unstoppable families, since the beginning. And luckily for us and children still in the fight, they have every intention of continuing their good work fighting for kids with pediatric cancer.

Meet Annelise 

Annelise hails Virginia and will also be attending Northeastern - “It took my sister Alicia and I thirteen bake sales to reach our goal of raising over $10,000 - we had so much fun!” - Congratulations Annelise on graduating AND on your entry, along with your sister, into the Good Cookie $10,000 Club! She adds, "Hosting bake sales with Cookies for Kids' Cancer is by far my most rewarding high school experience. These bake sales have fostered a sense of community and allowed me to engage with others who share my passion for making a difference. I am incredibly grateful for the support I received from my peers and hope that our efforts made a tangible difference in the lives of children battling cancer. I am excited to continue hosting bake sales at Northeastern University!"

Noah's ARC

Congratulations Noah Ben-Zion, another graduate on his way to Northeastern! Noah, involved since the age of 9, shares, "I think it is super important to be involved in an organization like this because not enough attention is placed on pediatric cancer and Cookies does an amazing job at highlighting it. I will definitely stay involved with Cookies for years and years to come. It has become such a large part of my life and it brings my family and friends closer all the time."

Not your average Ber

And finally, we are thrilled to report that Ber van der Meer will be headed to Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia this fall. Diagnosed with stage IV Neuroblastoma at four years old, at the time Ber was given a 30% chance at a five year survival. He endured five years of active treatment, including a vaccine that supporters like YOU helped to fund through our grant process. Ber, now a pediatric cancer survivor, is also an accomplished outdoorsman, an amazing big brother, and a friend to all. Go CNU Captains!


Want to get your kids involved as these amazing kids have been over the years? #KidsHelpingKids is at the heart of who we are. CLICK HERE to find out more. 

To help celebrate grads of any age from preschool to college, we created a special box for the class of 2023. Available in our most popular flavors and mixed dozen combinations, these cookies* come with a special graduation ribbon to mark this momentous occasion. *$5 flat rate shipping on orders of two or more going to the same address!


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