The Kids Who Inspire Us

Every day in the U.S., 47 children are diagnosed with cancer.

Just think about that number. It’s about two classrooms of kids. A child facing cancer travels a long and challenging road that can last years and impact not only a child, but their entire family and community. Cancer can happen to any child, anywhere. It knows no economic, religious, geographic or race boundaries. And the cancers that impact children are ones that are unique to them. In general, pediatric cancers are not inherited but are something that, well, just happens. And, the kinds of cancers which impact children are not the same that adults face. It’s why we fund research specific to the types of cancers that kids get. We call the kids who are battling cancer “Tough Cookies”. They inspire us every day to work towards funding research that will give them less toxic treatment options that will allow them to dream about tomorrow. Here are the stories of some of the children we have met along the journey. Every kid deserves the right to just be a kid.

If you know a Tough Cookie, we’d love to share their story too.

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