Listen for GOOD: Podcasts That Inspire and Empower

Listen for GOOD: Podcasts That Inspire and Empower

Looking for podcasts that combine empowering stories with the power to make a difference? Look no further than these selections below, many featuring our co-founder, Gretchen Witt! While you’re brainstorming ways to bake a difference, listen to these podcasts to find out more about our mission to help fund pediatric cancer research and why it's so important to spread the good word about our vision, that 'No family is ever told, we have run out of options.

Why Cookies for Kids' Cancer?

Cookies for Kids’ Cancer is a national 501(c)3 non-profit and is committed to raising funds for research to develop new, improved, and less toxic treatments for pediatric cancer — the #1 disease killer of children in the U.S. We have funded over $21 million in pediatric research grants thanks to passionate volunteers and creative fundraising, and you can be a part of these efforts too!

Fuel Your Ears, Fuel the Fight

Several of these podcasts below have featured our co-founder and mission and the stories of the amazing people who have made an impact over the years. Here are a few to get you started:

She's Brave Podcast: Sweet Impact: Turning Cookies into a Cure with Gretchen Witt - Gretchen shares about the importance of funding pediatric cancer research (which to this day continues to be underfunded), the impact of grassroots events, and Gretchen's dedication to fulfilling her son Liam's legacy.

The Getting Thru: Jim Williams sits down with Gretchen Witt, Founder of Cookies For Kids' Cancer whom he met so many years ago when his son Kyle was battling the same cancer as her son Liam. Join them as they discuss how they 'got thru' those impossible moments, even if it was just 5 minutes at a time. Gretchen talks about how Cookies for Kids' Cancer inspired the world and how their mission to fund early stage pediatric cancer research is one of her proudest accomplishments.

Women With Cool Jobs Podcast: Nonprofit Founder Helps Fund Pediatric Cancer Treatments with Cookies, with Gretchen Witt of Cookies for Kids' Cancer.

Claim Your Confidence with Lydia Fenet - Finding Your Why Not with Gretchen Witt - Where the idea for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer came from, the organization’s intentional design, and how Gretchen has found success in raising awareness for difficult topics like pediatric cancer by inviting people into the conversation in a cheerful and positive way.

Show Up Fully – Nourish Your Creativity with Chef Carla Contreras - Good Cookies & Creativity with Gretchen Witt of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer - Cookies bring out a beautiful creativity and passion in everyone. Cookies are also an easy entry point for people to get involved with Cookies For Kids’ Cancer, whether that is holding a bake sale, donating your birthday, sending cookies, or attending an event.

Motherhood Intended: Inspiration in the Oven: Gretchen Witt's Quest to Cure Kids' Cancer - The episode delves into the challenges and triumphs of navigating pediatric cancer, the nuances of different types, and the importance of advocacy and grassroots involvement. Gretchen's story illustrates the power of community, determination, and love in the fight against pediatric cancer.

Check Your Six Podcast featuring Beth Robertson, Manager, Community Outreach C4KC - "This Cookie Doesn't Crumble" - hear about Beth's journey through the diagnosis of her son's cancer, the lack of treatment options for pediatric cancer, the reason she is so passionate about what she is doing and more.

Sprit 105.3 Moments with Erica Parkerson - Why One Mom Made The Words “Cookies” & “Cancer” Go Together: Gretchen Witt’s cookie crusade began when her dear son battled cancer, and now it’s gone global. Locally, C4KC’s teamed up with Seattle Children’s Hospital, one of their seven awesome partners.

Radio Cherry Bombe: Hear how the loss of Gretchen Witt’s son Liam spurred her to create Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

The Art of Fatherhood Podcast: Brian McKenna, a CFKC supporter, discusses fundraising efforts in the episode "Brian McKenna - Cookies For Kids' Cancer."

Beyond Listening: How You Can Help

While listening is a great way to stay informed and motivated, there's more you can do:

Donate: Every dollar helps fund critical pediatric cancer research.

Spread Awareness: Share these podcasts and information about Cookies for Kids’ Cancer with your friends and family.

Host Your Own Event: Bake sales, charity runs, game nights – get creative and raise funds for a sweet cause!

Send Cookies: 100% of the proceeds will help to fund pediatric cancer research.

Corporate Gifting: Business for Good: Send Gifts that Give Back.

By tuning in and taking action, you can be a part of the fight against childhood cancer. So grab your headphones, listen to these inspiring podcasts, and join the Good Cookie movement. Together, we can make a difference, one delicious cookie (and podcast!) at a time.

Have a suggestion for a podcast that you would like to see feature Cookies for Kids' Cancer? Comment below!



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