Why I Fight: A Grandmother's Powerful Story of Love and Resilience in the Face of Childhood Cancer

Why I Fight: A Grandmother's Powerful Story of Love and Resilience in the Face of Childhood Cancer

As written by Beth Robertson, Manager of Community Outreach, Cookies for Kids' Cancer

If a traumatic experience occurred in your life would you run away or would you face it and continue to fight for others? I chose to face it.

My Why

My WHY started with a childhood cancer diagnosis more than 20 years ago. My son Cameron was 13 months old. He is now 26. Cameron is a dad, husband and all around amazing man.

Finding 'My People'

Childhood cancer families became 'my people' after facing that diagnosis. Walking away might have been the easiest path but if you know me personally I’m a bit of a fighter myself. I'd like to think I’m a little peppery or even spunky...I’m not always standing up but always fighting to get up when knocked down.

An Unexpected Return

After 25 years of funding HOPE for childhood cancer it came lurking back into our lives, in an unexpected way. We still felt unprepared for all it brings, but again we stood up to it. This time the disease took my sweet, brave, beautiful grandson,  forever 4. I hate childhood cancer, it’s horrendous. Oh he fought...and those 14 months were not always good but he showed me that my job is so much more. His smile and giggles live in my heart and bring happy tears to my face. Yes, I wanted to quit and run many times… but what does that do? Nothing, but allow childhood cancer to win. It’s not going to win.

A Personal Share

I’m sharing this very personal, painful experience because we cannot fight alone. We need others to lift us up and do what they can to allow the strongest science to be funded. This allows LESS TOXIC more effective treatments to go from a lab to a child's bedside in the shortest amount of time possible. If you want to help in any way please reach out. I am humbled to be a voice for childhood cancer families. It’s an honor to fight alongside these amazing warriors. Will you join me and my resilient team?



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