Meet Hunt, the Ultimate Good Cookie

In March 2011, 2 ½ year old Haldora was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Given only a 70% chance of surviving the next 5 years, she endured countless treatments and procedures - she was quite a fighter. Through it all her top supporter and twin brother, Hunt, was by her side, making her laugh and encouraging her to play and have fun. He wasn’t going to let cancer take away his sister. That special bond carried Haldora through nearly 2 ½ years of treatment, buoyed her through remission and was there as strong as ever when cancer reared it's ugly head again in 2017. Even then, Mom Jessica was relieved that Hunt was able to stay at Haldora's bedside throughout the day saying, Having him around let her be a kid. I am convinced that so much of how well she’s done has been because of him.” - Fast forward to 2023, with Haldora having beaten cancer again...all the while, both siblings have grown into advocates for funding childhood cancer research. Haldora, an accomplished runner, has participated in our Good Cookie Challenge for years now. As for Hunt, he's become quite the baker and has been hosting bake sales also for years.

This September, both Hunt and Haldora shared another milestone - they started high school! With OXO joining us again this year in the fight against pediatric cancer, we checked in with Hunt on baking, bake sales, leadership, being a sibling to a childhood cancer fighter and more.

Off to High School

C4KC: Congratulations on entering high school!  You have done so much in support of Cookies for Kids' Cancer and for kids with pediatric cancer - did you talk about your mission to give back, and your leadership role in that mission, in your applications or interviews?

Hunt: Yes. I talked about it in my interviews a bit. Often I would be asked about community service and I was able to tell them about the work I've done.

$10,000 Bake Sale Club

C4KC: At this point you have surpassed your May 2022 membership milestone in the $10,000 Bake Sale Club - tell us how much you have raised.

Hunt: To date, I've raised about $15,000 on my own, $25,000 if you add in my cookie jar collaboration with Chef Marc Forgione! (Hunt's never been shy about suggesting ways to raise funds for pediatric cancer research, even when challenging top chefs!)

Haldora's Diagnosis

C4KC: We know you were young when Haldora was first diagnosed - what do you recall from that time?

Hunt: It was just kind of scary because I didn't know what was going on. I was pretty young then.


C4KC: As you and Haldora are twins - we hear you have a unique closeness as siblings.

Hunt: Yes, we are pretty close. We hang out together a lot, we play basketball sometimes, and we both really look out for each other and protect each other.

Having a Sibling with Cancer

C4KCIf you were to give other kids that have a sibling with cancer advice...what would that advice be?

HuntDon't let that be who you are and try not to see your sibling that way. Still try to have fun when you can. Be there for them.

Making a Difference

C4KCYou have done A LOT for others in your 14 years - as a brother of a sibling with a cancer diagnosis, how has helping others made YOU feel?

Hunt: I feel like I'm making a difference. I don't want anyone to go through what we've been through.

Bake Sale Pro Tips

C4KC: Give us some top PRO TIPS as a bake sale host. We are blown away by your achievements!

Hunt: Make cookies in advance and freeze them. Use social media - and have your parents help with that. Send emails and letters to business people in advance, offering to sell them a separate box of treats for a large donation.

Top Chefs

C4KC: Who are some of your favorite Chefs - anyone you would like to meet one day?

Hunt: I've met Marc Forgione! Also, Gordon Ramsey, Duff Goldman, and Bobby Flay are my favorites. I would love to meet Bobby Flay.

Favorite Bake Sale Treats

C4KC: Thanks for talking with us Hunt, can you share some of your favorite bake sale treats to bake? We have seen your Mom's pics and are super impressed!

Hunt: Some of my favorites are Bittersweet Brownie Shortbread Bars, Hand Pies, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal Treats, Cherry Cookies, and Caramel Nut Roll Bars.

Back to School

Hunt headed back to school, but before he did, Mom Jessica shared, "...just in the last 2 weeks Hunt augmented a cookie recipe to make it cakier for ice cream sandwiches, whipped up “French toast cubes” (French toast Kings Hawaiian bread), buttermilk biscuits, lemon posset, and the best chess pie I’ve ever had! He’s mentioned several times that he is going to miss cooking and baking while at school!"

Keep on Baking a Difference Hunt! Want to join OXO in raising funds for pediatric cancer research? CLICK HERE to find out how you too can get involved. Now through the end of the year, bake treats, snap a pic or post video and tag @OXO and @Cookies4Kids on social. OXO will donate $1 for every treat in each post up to $100,000 - don't forget to use #OXOGoodCookies!




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